Sisterhood of the traveling salesladies

I don’t often shop for clothes or personal accessories. Blame it on masculinity or the lack of desire to spend on anything except books or music. And in the odd chance that I do, I am reminded of the reason why I just abhor shopping. Especially in department stores. When I go through the maze […]

Embarrassing Ovation

I recently attended a mega seminar. Actually, seminar isn’t an appropriate word. With the exception of breakout sessions, it was actually a symposium. Therefore, it being a symposium, it’s natural to expect a large crowd. Naturally also, there were several speakers walking up the podium to share their insights and knowledge. Among the keynote speakers […]


With all the MOO going around, you’d suspect that I’m a cow. Well it’s just my word play coz I love wit, puns, the written word, and well yeah, cow cartoons like those found in The Far Side. I put up this teeny weeny blog because I love writing.

If you like to read well-written, well-composed prose, then you can come back here for your dose of Moosings and other nonsense topics. However, don’t expect loads of graphics and eye candies. I’m not a web designer, and have nil knowledge of html and css. Maybe I’ll spice up my blog a bit in the future, yes?

I just blog about what I have in mind. These random thoughts, I call them musings. And since I love wit, I called it Moosings, and came up with all sorts of word play. Bulk of what I write are about current events, popular media, human relationships and human interest stories. In a way, my blog is my online column entitled Moosings of an Imaginary Cow. I used to call it “A Moosaic of The Muserati’s Moosings” but I’ve changed it since.

My greatest dream is to publish a series of books. I guess that’s the ultimate goal of all budding writers in the world. And that sure is my ultimate goal as well.

Hanapbuhay lang… I’m a freelance writer. If you are in need of a freelance writer, speech writer, or a copy writer for your marketing materials, you may drop me a note here or you may email me at

I used to blog 2x a week, then it was whittled down to 1x a week until it further disintegrated into the abyss.

Due to my boring life I suppose there’s nothing to muse about. I used to have a lot to muse about because I watched the daily news. News has been a consistent source of intriguing ideas for me. So, bear with me. I try my best to blog as often as I can.

You can browse through my old stuff and I hope you enjoy them. Do come back! And when you do, I hope a new blog post greets you. Ciao! 🙂